Six months


I find taking pregnancy photos very intimate and to a certain extent embarrassing but I figure that one day I'll be glad I took them. This is a great time in our lives and we love fantasizing about the life we are going to have with our little boy. Apart from the fatigue I had an easy pregnancy so far - which I am very grateful for.
Some things I noticed about life, my body and people so far:
- The staring at my belly...unashamedly and openly - colleagues, strangers, friends, family. I am fine with it. Really, I am.
- Remarks about how beautiful I look, which I appreciate very much since every morning is a wardrobe crisis.
- People asking me about the nursery. I always get flustered and try to explain that the apartment is too small and little boy will have to share it with us and the study for the time being. It is sort of expected that Baby will have his own room but for now it's just not going to happen. Off course we are planning to make it as comfortable and beautiful for him as we can.
- The change in our families: Since it will be the first grandchild on both sides everyone is extremely excited. I feel closer to the parents and siblings than ever before.
- It just takes a little kick in the belly to remind me that life is so much more now, so much more than my daily worries and anxieties, so much more than the small irritations, so much more than other people's accomplishments and money and things, so much more than my own little world.
- Advice from other moms. Sometimes it is unasked for but most of the times it is helpful so I'm thankful for that as well.
- Becoming more comfortable in my own skin. I had serious body issues. Now I just stare at this big belly in amazement -  it's hard to believe that there's actually a tiny human being in there. I also secretly love showing off the bump.
- The joy on my husband's face when he touches my belly and the little man kicks up a storm.

PS. This post is dedicated to my late friend Almarie, who was a huge fan of this blog and asked me hundreds of times to take pregnancy photos. She recently passed away in a tragic accident. This is for you, friend. Peace be with you.

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  1. Ons kan nie wag vir die kleintjie om te arriveer nie! Ook, jy lyk hot.