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  1. Hi
    I was looking for Old Industrial Building in Pretoria and after a while of looking i ended on your Blog, WOW i'm blown away i really love what you are doing. It's Fantastic
    PS: Please keep it up.

    I'm inspired


  2. Hi there

    I just love you blog. I was wondering if you would like to exchange links with me?

    My sites are and

    I found your website through you lovely images of your friends wedding at Rosemary Hill

    Thanks, Kathy

  3. Hi Rietta

    I'm just in awe of your blog, it's so refreshing!!!!!!!!!! I feel like we kindred spirits, my soul was resonating with yours just reading through your blogs!!!!

  4. Hey!
    This blog is really cool... Helps us find cool places in Pretoria ;p
    Enjoying the photography!

  5. Riette

    Ek is 'n argitektuurstudent wat bly in Sunnyside (Reitzstraat, so nader aan Muckleneuk), en ek het vanaand jou blog (her)ontdek. Ek het, dieselfde as laas (seker 'n jaar terug) jou HELE blog, AL die inskrywings weer gelees. Dit voel of ek jou moet ken, want ek ken meeste van die plekke waarvan jy praat so goed! Jou lewe lyk idillies (alhoewel ek, as iemand wat iets van die boubedryf af weet, besef dat dit seker nie is nie).

    Dankie vir 'n ongelooflike blog.

  6. Hi Riette. My name is Luiza and I'm from Brazil. I love blogs. And I saw your blog surfing the internet. I'm studying English in Pretoria. Congratulations on the blog. Ah! I did a blog before coming here, but in Portuguese. Rs - If possible, I would like to exchange ideas and information about the city, because many people still do not know! A hug ^^

  7. Hi, My name is Cornel and I would absolutely love to get married in an abandoned building like a mill or something in the Gauteng area. Do you by any chance have any idea what building might be suitable and who I could contact?

    I would love to hear from you.

    My email address is

  8. I came across of Pretoria chique and it is awesome, so fresh and inspiring. I read I'm still here, very nice post. Is everything ok? I hope you feel better