De Kunst Huisje


We really needed to go away for the past long weekend. We were not quite ready for roughing it with the little one so I looked for a nice bed and breakfast to stay, not too far away from home. We found this little gem in the resort town of Bela-Bela (previously known as Warmbad). The main selling point for us is always white linen. I don't know why most guest houses don't get this.
De Kunst Huisje is owned and managed by Martin, Yolandé and little Mia. The rooms are very stylish, the atmosphere is relaxed and the service is great. They only opened De Kunst Huisje in December 2013 so this is quite new. I really hope this endeavour will be successful. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, not too far from Pretoria (and not too rustic), this is the place to go.

Three months


Our beautiful little boy,
You reveal a little more of your amazing self every day. You are friendly, yet strong-willed and we love you for that.



My mom is a very good seamstress. It was only appropriate that when I graduated, I got a sewing machine from her (incase this architecture thing didn't work out, you know). I'm not that good at sewing - I lack patience and I give up halfway through projects. But once in a while (like in once a year) I dust off the trusty machine and I make something. And I don't understand why I don't do this more often because it's really rewarding. This week (between feeds and burps and battles to sleep) I made two cushion covers for a friend. Off course I also had to photograph it, since the colours and details were so pretty.



Sunday mornings. Coffee. Breakfast. Baby cooing and waving at his toy snail. The husband and his parents playing scrabble. Dogs chilling on the couch. How I wish this day wouldn't end...



Florals. In and around the house. During the Golden Hour.

Two Months


Dearest baby boy,
We cannot believe that you are already two months old. We love your gummy smiles, your busy legs, your sweet soft demeanour...well, basically everything about you. We are so thankful that you are strong and healthy, and growing like a beanstalk. We are so thankful that you are part of our lives.



This video was created by Peter Lok and is nothing short of amazing. This definitely makes me want to travel to Iceland to experience those breathtaking landscapes. I quote the description of this work:
"There are few things that can beat the experience of having the vastness of the country all around you. It's so easy for us to find our way into empty corners where we can enjoy the solitude and connect with our inner beings."