Seven months


You bring such a tenderness to this family. We enjoy you so so much. The past two months have been incredibly difficult, yet you manage to light up our darkest days with your beautiful smile.

Six months


Sweet child of ours...
Bath-time is your favourite! We love how you enjoy this. Two pearly whites also made their appearance (with all the consequences that involves teething). You can sit on your own and you really like chatting to the dogs. I think they love it too.

Five months


Beautiful Boy,
You are getting so big. Each day with you is a total blessing - you have such a sweet and gentle soul. A lot has happened this month - you started to go to daycare and your mom started work again this week. You are such an easy-going little guy, your caregivers call you the "smiling baby". They take such good care of you and I'm sure you enjoy each day as you learn and play. You came down with a fever yesterday and I got totally flustered - this is the first time that you've been sick. And yet you were a little rock star at the doctor - he even said that you are a happy baby. You didn't even cry once and have quite an ear infection and tonsillitis.
We love you more and more.

Three years ago...


...we said yes. It was a great great day and I always look back with fond memories. Three years, many adventures, some heartache and a beautiful baby boy later, I'm more and more thankful for this man with his rock-steady personality, his honesty, his patience, DIY-skills, love for his son, eye for detail, and most of all...his love for me. Happy anniversary, my Liefie.



A visit to the bushveld - the red soil, misty autumn mornings, nature getting ready for winter, the soft light, spectacular sunsets.

Four months


You are four months old - where did the time go? I guess every parent asks that at least once a month. We love you more and more - your friendly face when you wake up, your little screams, how you concentrate to get hold of something and put it in your mouth, your frown (yes, even your frown is beautiful). We love how you are increasingly interested in the things of this world. You are more precious than what we could ever imagine.

De Kunst Huisje


We really needed to go away for the past long weekend. We were not quite ready for roughing it with the little one so I looked for a nice bed and breakfast to stay, not too far away from home. We found this little gem in the resort town of Bela-Bela (previously known as Warmbad). The main selling point for us is always white linen. I don't know why most guest houses don't get this.
De Kunst Huisje is owned and managed by Martin, Yolandé and little Mia. The rooms are very stylish, the atmosphere is relaxed and the service is great. They only opened De Kunst Huisje in December 2013 so this is quite new. I really hope this endeavour will be successful. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, not too far from Pretoria (and not too rustic), this is the place to go.