Night out


The kind people from the Protea Fire & Ice! Hotel in Menlyn treated us last weekend on a night out. And by treated I mean like royalty - complete with dinner and breakfast the following morning. We were transported into a totally different world, one we as parents are definitely not used to anymore. The place was clad with well dressed trend-setters and it seemed like the who's who from the social scene in Pretoria were there.

We had sun-downers on the deck and watched the autumn sun turning the city into a purple-pink-orange haze. We then had a spectacular dinner - The Husband had a lamb shank and I had the Norwegian salmon on wasabi mashed potatoes. I then absolutely HAD to have their Oreo milkshake, which I couldn't finish. With almost bursting bellies we headed to our room and crashed on our bed. Needless to say there was white linen, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this review...

The personal touch was really something. The manager wrote us a welcoming note and left snacks for us in our room, which we totally devoured within 5 seconds of arrival.  

What impressed me most of all was the staff. From the moment you set foot into the lobby, there were friendly, helpful people all around. This is Zama. She makes perfect eggs for breakfast.

We really appreciate the invitation to spend the night and the hospitality of the team (as well as our kind neighbour Lize who offered to babysit Finn). 

Sixteen months


Then there was a small holiday at the coast. You loved it so much, little dark-haired boy.

Fifteen months


Our miracle boy.

Fourteen months


We are a bit late with this post...
You had your first haircut, your mom almost didn't make it but the hairdresser was awesome about it. She really did a great job: she came out to our house to do it while you played. On the same day you also met Simfox, your granddad's horse. He is a lovely soul and has a velvet-soft nose. You were really infatuated. Your world is getting bigger and bigger my sweet boy.

Thirteen months


Look at you, beautiful boy! You can say a few words like "ta-ta" and "daar's hy (da-dy)". You love talking on the phone, anything that resembles a phone goes to your ear...
Mommy loves your curls and she does not want your hair to be cut until you are at least five.

One Year


Sweetest boy, you are ONE. I really have no words for how this past year have been - we had some of the best and some of the worst times. You took everything in your stride and you've never been difficult without reason. We love you for all that you are. May there be much much more of you.

Eleven Months


One of the most beautiful things in this world is to have you in my arms when you fall asleep. To watch you surrender to the tiredness and to feel your breath changing and to see you suckle without anything in your little mouth makes all the wrongs right in my life. It saddens me to think that this is only temporary and that one day (too soon) you will be too big for this. In the meantime I will just soak up all of you in these precious moments.