Postcard Happiness


"That moment when you're sifting through your freshly retrieved postbox offerings and somewhere between the flyers and phone bills something other than a speeding fine makes your heart beat a little faster: A hand-written message from a far-away friend"

So, I dragged my heavily pregnant body to the Food Wine Design Fair in Hyde Park yesterday. As usual, there was great food, lovely refreshing drinks and a good dose of well-designed products.
One designer who particularly impressed me was Tatjana Buisson of the Postcard Happiness Project. I don't need to explain too much but in essence this project enables you to send great personalized postcards to loved ones in the good old-fashioned snail-mail way.
Tatjana's lovely illustrated postcards come with a sticker-back called the Postick so it enables you to make the choice of framing the beautiful illustration or sending it to someone. You can also buy separate Postick packs and make your own postcards. We bought a few postcards (a few to frame and a few to send) as well as some Posticks so that we can start to spread the love this festive season.
Come on - get your own, start writing (by hand) and posting (by mail) - a very rewarding activity indeed...

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