Weddings in August #2


We met Anjo and Johannes last year through our blogs. Anjo invited us for dinner and we immediately knew that they are part of our tribe. Or we are part of theirs. Either way...
I love Anjo and Johannes' love story. I love how good they are for each other and how they see each others' souls - openly and without restrictions. We also met a few of their friends and consider them part of the tribe too. Because they are people who understand that living in a security estate in Mordor is not cool, neither is driving a flashy car nor is technology illiteracy.
So, on the 10th of August we were lucky enough to attend their wonderful wedding. At her parent's house in their yard. 100 people on one long table. As the guests arrived, we saw the couple strolling up the driveway, still in their jeans and t-shirts. After they got dressed, they joined the guests before the ceremony for a drink. Never in my life have I seen such an un-bride-zilla!
Anjo's dad married them and there was not one dry eye at the entire table. This was absolutely the most beautiful wedding ceremony we have ever witnessed. The ceremony lasted the best of 10 minutes and then we feasted on food that the bride and groom prepared themselves!
The best part was when it moved to the family kitchen later that night for a second round of food and more festivities.
Anjo and Johannes will be leaving for Toronto next week. Anjo will be completing her PhD and Johannes is going for work. I'm so grateful that we met these wonderful people. It feels as though we have been friends for years.

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