Kook 'n tekkie


A couple of weeks ago we took a drive to the outskirts of the city. We drove out to the very very West, with Van der Hoff Road, and came across this race track. Love the signage, love the colours, love the nostalgic feeling that this place brings. I think it will be a good idea for a theme party or a fun day out in the sticks or just a good laugh...
Please note that I'm not supporting street racing or any other dangerous vehicular activities.

The entrance

Nothing like a good old-fashioned soft serve ice cream to end the afternoon.

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  1. hehe, ons was juis nou die dag daar op 'race day'. dit was extremely zef, maar baie cool. kinders met tatoos, kinders met hul eie baba's, hugely obese mense met massive pikniek mandtjies... very exciting!