Kitchen tea


On Saturday my friends and bridesmaids hosted a kitchen tea for me. I have absolutely no words for how lovely the setting was, how exquisite the food was, what amazing gifts I received. (More on the gifts a bit later.) I felt absolutely spoilt and smitten. I'm truly blessed with beautiful friends, an amazing mom and a stunning future-mother-in-law.
Here are some snippets of Saturday:

These three ladies, Mila, Imke and Marinda, made most of the day possible. Mila folded hundreds of origami birds - it looked so beautiful. Imke baked the most amazing cakes. Marinda (their mom) did the rest of the food and a lot of the coordination. My other friends and bridesmades (Giselle, Anneke, Francien and Gratia) also did amazing jobs with sending invites and gift suggestions, raising funds for amazing prezzies, thinking of crazy activities and questions for the bride, making dishwater-punch (that actually tasted nice) and ensuring everybody has a great time. My mom also had a part in all of this - she brought more snacks and made a killer non-alcoholic green punch.

Some of the guests and bridesmaids. Bottom photo - my friend Giselle (right) who came all the way from Cape Town to enjoy the day with us.

There was a handbag weigh-in competition. The smallest girl won the prize for the heaviest handbag.

A view of the origami birds. The room looked amazing.

The food was absolutely gorgeous. One of my friends now have irrational cravings for red velvet cake since she had a taste of this on Saturday...

My mom and I sharing a hug

Do blondes have more fun?

The most beautiful vintage cups and saucers.

That afternoon definitely helped to calm some pre-wedding jitters. I am so thankful for great friends, new family and my mom!


  1. Hi!

    Can I ask where the venue is where your kitchen tea was held? Looks really beautiful. Thanks! Carmen

  2. Hi Carmen, It was held at a friend's house in Waterkloof Ridge. It is a beautiful house - both her and her husband are architects.