Back from Argentina


Before we left, Ymke sent us this message: "Come back inspired". Need I say more? The trip was fantastic, an amazing experience. The country is so similar and so different to ours. The cities are alive and dirty and sophisticated at the same time. Here are a few snippets:

La Boca, Buenos Aires. Brightly coloured buildings. Ladies dressed in skimpy shorts and fish-net stockings grabbing you for a tango (and then payment). This just sounds wrong...A greasy Maradona look-alike wanting to take photographs with the ladies...

A crossing in Buenos Aires. The buildings and urban fabric is very European. People live on the streets and in parks. They only retire to their small apartments in the early hours of the morning...

Flor de Metal. A beautiful sculpture in Recoletta, Buenos Aires. The art scene is HUGE in Argentina. There are various museums, all the shops are beautifully designed and finished.

Street art is everywhere. Social comment is big in this country. Stenciling and graffiti  can be seen on almost every single surface in the cities.

I must confess, this was more of a culinary tour than what we've expected. Argentine food and wine is really good. We came back a bit heavier. We ate enormous amounts of carbs and too many sweet things (Argentines consume the most sugar per capita in the world). More on that a bit later.

With the next few posts, I will elaborate a bit more on this country. I will, however, not dwell too long since I am dying to find out what Pretoria has in store for us this year.

Until later.


  1. Boka, I have to say, sitting here and seeing these snippets, I cannot help but become nostalgic. I hope that you have brought something back in your heart, knowing that this argintinian experience will stay close to your heart, and inspire/ initiate great things... inpromto grafiti in your own back yard...creepers growing onto a paper print/ sparaypainted stencil.

    Seeing, that both you and Thys are carrying a few extra pounds, I hope that the hustlebustle of the real life knocks'em off's but that yous well rested spirit transcends beyond here and now.


  2. What I really like in BA was Plaza San Martín. It is a nice shady area in the heart of the city. Plenty to see and do around there so the plaza makes for a nice place to take a break. Go up to the top of the English Tower for great views and then take a look inside the old train station. Borges lived just a few steps from the plaza. Most Argentina apartments for tourists are located there and it is good to be around people in the same situation as one!