What I miss and what I love about being back


What I miss about Argentina:
  1. Rubbing shoulders on the street with people, any time of the day or night
  2. Dulce de Leche (especially for breakfast)
  3. The beautiful coffee shops
  4. The amazing shop-fitting, art and exhibitions
  5. The tree-lined streets
  6. The honesty and nobility of the people
  7. The beautiful art of doing nothing
  8. Mixed use buildings that actually work
What I love about being back
  1. Being understood
  2. The broad and honest smiles of South Africans
  3. Getting change (only people who visited Argentina will understand) without a hassle
  4. Our absolutely mild and wonderful weather
  5. Dusty dirt roads
  6. African sunsets
  7. The beautiful mess we live in
  8. Realizing that I'm rooted in this wonderful continent and this beautiful, amazing, diverse country 

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