In less than 48 hours, I'll be sitting in Buenos Aires, hopefully with a Caipirinha (I know it's acually Brazilian) in my hand and good friends by my side.
I cannot believe that this year rushed to the moment where I know that this will most probably be the last blog entry of the year. I cannot promise anything since a PC is the last thing I want to see for one entire month. We will be staying Buenos Aires for a few days, then we will be road tripping to Rosario, Cordoba, maybe Salta, Mendoza and finally Santiago, Chile. New Year's Eve will most probably be spent in Buenos Aires and then our friends will be going to Patagonia while we will be soaking up the sun on the beaches south of Buenos Aires.
I am so very excited and I promise to take lots of photos and bring back lots of stories.
So, this is me for now. We have our office party tomorrow and the flight is 09:55 Friday morning.
Merry and Happy to you all.

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