November has angry eyes.


Yes, she has. As the year draws to a close my posts get less and less.
In my field of work this is the month where the developers suddenly realize that the Builders Holiday is breathing down their necks and that they really must get that new proposal out. Now. Before their worlds end on the 13th of December  (in case it didn't end on the 12th) when the architects break for 3 weeks.
This devastating thought leaves the developers calling more and more meetings and the architects doing more and more watered-down designs. Because, hey, we are only human and that’s what happens when you do a building or two a week, never quite living up to ridiculous expectations, rarely seeing your loved ones and never getting a chance to fully recharge.
November leaves me feeling constantly overwhelmed, always in trouble, emotionally drained, short tempered, disappointed…do I need to go on?
So, here are my coping mechanisms for November:
  • Listening to Ben Howard. Constantly. On Repeat. Unashamedly.

  • Watching our garden explode into bright shades of green after the amazing rains we recently had (then realizing I’m way behind with pulling out weeds and picking up dog turds).

  • Taking early morning walks with the husband and the dogs, preferably in the most beautiful street in Pretoria. We really don’t do this enough.

  • Yoga. Keeps me relaxed, focussed, balanced and non-competitive.

photo by Ingrid Damiani

So, with the end of the year approaching us at lightning speed and with 10 000 things to be done before then, I'll try to lay low for the next 5 weeks, doing my best to meet expectations. And clinging onto these little things. How do you cope with November?

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