The brave ones


This one is for the brave ones
The ones who understand fear
The ones who had to look death in the eye, fearlessly
The ones who were down and out and stood up, gracefully
The ones who lay awake at night, listening and feeling for more signs of the beast
The ones who lost the battle and left us too soon
The ones who provided love and care to those who fought so hard
To the ones who lost the innocence and freedom of youth and replaced it with the scars and the gaze of a warrior who knows that this battle is never over

To all of you

This post remembers six years ago to the day
2190 days to be exact
I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of 27
And still I remember all the small details as vividly as if it was yesterday
I'm not a fan of pink ribbons and shaving of heads and walks and runs and fundraisers and wigs
But I am a fan of support, understanding, love and courage
Right now I am healthy with no evidence of disease since april 2007

This is my thanks for those who fought with me for 2190 days


  1. You are definitely a brave one. Thank you for sharing with such courage and beauty. And may you continue to be blessed with great health and lots of love, always! x.