A weekend on the rocks


The past weekend (the coldest one we've experienced this year) we went rock climbing in Waterval Boven, one of the largest premier climbing spots in South Africa. There are literally hundreds of climbs, ranging from amateur level to gecko-style up a sheer vertical rock face. I started rock climbing in 2003 - nowadays it is something we do way too little and something I hope to do more often this year.
The amazing thing about climbing is that you really get out there and push the limits of your body and mind. I cannot even start to describe the feeling of accomplishment when you master a difficult move or manage to tie off a climb that you led without falling.
Since I was on the rock face hanging on for dear life and trying to balance on 1cm little foot grips, the photography was not as spectacular as the climbing but I hope these photos give you a glimpse of one of the most challenging things I've ever taken up.
When climbing, it is extremely important to wear stretchable pants. There is also a fine balance between loose and tight and I think Sarel's printed pair is the perfect thing. Tight envy galore!
Beverages are very important when climbing. Not quite as important as the gear but still makes for a pleasant experience.


  1. Wie is julle mense?
    Sê groete vir Sarel. Ek ken hom darem. Kwaai broek pêl.

    1. Ons het vir Sarel deur die Harveys ontmoet, as jy hulle dalk ken. Ons klim saam met hulle van 2003 af.