A little lomo love


I've recently developed some Lomography film and, as always, I am totally smitten with the graininess, double exposures, soft focus and light leaks of my Diana and Diana Mini. The colour photos here were taken with the Diana and remind me of this past summer (which feels like a lifetime ago). The black and whites were taken with the Diana Mini, set on "half-frame" mode - in other words you get 72 exposures from a 36 exposure 35mm film.
Once again, there were lessons to be learnt about both cameras really needing a lot of light to shoot and that the flash is not as bad and harsh as it would be with digital cameras.
Excursions, construction sites, lunches, parties...these cameras want to go with and document it all the time!
All of these were taken with slide film and cross-processed, hence the vivid colours.

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