Our Wedding part I


Okay, I know this is 7.5 months overdue. Don't ask me why I've postponed this so long, I don't know either. But here it is, upon numerous requests  from family and friends - a few snippets of our day. Needless to say, a few photos on a blog will never ever capture the magic of the moments we shared with loved ones, the absolute intimacy of the venue, the beauty of the city and the sheer delightfulness of the day. The photographer was Christo Harvey and the photo-booth photographer (coming up in the next post) was Mari Engelbrecht.
A few short details:
We got married on 30 April 2011
We made our vows in the Anglican Church of Christ in Arcadia
After the ceremony, we made our way to Church Square to take some kick-ass photos
The reception was at Brasserie de Paris 
We were welcomed as Mrs and Mr Kotzé by a beautiful thunderstorm later the evening
I wouldn't have it any other way

Our ring bearer bowl, from Paloma's nest
It reads: Loved you yesterday, love you still. Always have, always will.

My dress was made by René O'Neil.

Our beautiful wedding car.

All photos above by Christo Harvey.


  1. The post can never be to late. Good things are worth wiaiting for. Just like you. Mwa mwa

  2. So lovely! And your wedding car was way cool!!! :)

  3. Hey! Dis die eerste keer wat ek die sien. Als is so mooi deurdag. Die plekmatjie goetertjies is rerig oulik.