Light leaks and double exposures


Here are a few random shots, taken with my lovely Diana F+. I am still in love with the beautiful mistakes she (and I) makes. This time I will try to give a short description / name to each photo. Enjoy.

View to a beautiful city

 Diva poses and genuine smiles


Let's raise our glasses

As the evening progresses...

The Thinker and the Talker

Invisible Cities I

Invisible Cities II

Invisible Cities III

 Invisible Cities IV

 Invisible Cities V

Lazy afternoon

Love and a beagle

Suburban Bliss

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  1. Your "mistakes" are lovely! I just received a Diana F+ as a present from my partner, and have went through 2 rolls of films but yet to have them developed! I kept forgetting to wind the film after a shot, so I'll be expecting lots of mistakes too, and hopefully some of them will look as nice as yours!