Kook 'n tekkie part II


As you might have realized by now, I am very interested in the subcultures of this city. There is a beauty in the reality of people - I love to see what makes them tick and it does not necessarily mean it has to be something that I will be passionate about as well.
So, the husband and I were on our usual scouting about (this time an empty public swimming pool, a new obsession of mine) when we saw the signs: There was a race on in Mahem! We were very excited since we wanted to see this for a while. You can read about the first post here
These people are quite serious about the races. They follow and admire certain drivers as if they were saints or gods. Obviously we were not kitted out for this - you need at least one coolbag, a blankie and as much as possible cheap hard liquor to mix with Cream Soda or rip-off Cola. Cheap, nasty cigarettes (preferably a carton per family) is also a necessity for extra street cred.
You need to DRESS for this occasion as well if you are a lady and anywhere between the ages of 12 and 29 and single. (If you're 30, you are already eligible for grandmother-hood) Tease the hair and heavy-duty make-up is an absolute necessity. If you are a guy, Crocs are acceptable.
Let me not spoil this with words, here are a few shots for you to see for yourself. Definitely recommended for some good Saturday night entertainment. If you're not into the racing, the people watching is even better.

Be warned - obesity is huge (excuse the pun) around these parts of town. I can understand why - the cheese griller and chips come highly recommended.

Location: Cnr Van der Hoff Rd and Richard's Bay Ave.

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