Tonight is...


Yay! Just a small movement we started in our household - we are definitely not planning on becoming completely vegetarian or vegan (although vegetarianism has appealed to me for a period in my life). Just to make life a bit easier and eat less meat. Because it's good for you. Because it's cheaper. Because it's greener. Because it's responsible.
Read more about the real movement here.
So far it is a success and it takes a lot of stress out of the cooking. Tonight we had tagliatelle pasta with a fresh basil pesto, olive tapenade and fried garlic. The husband cooked.
So, if you have more ideas of what to cook on Meatless Mondays, please leave a comment. If this gives you some inspiration to do it yourself, please spread the word. Us Pretorians can definitely do with less boerewors and least once a week.

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  1. This is such a brilliant idea! I think I might give it a go too! Like you said, it takes the stress out of cooking (especially on a Monday!!), and it allows the body to have a break from meat too. Thank you for sharing! :)