Moving ground


So, for the past months over weekends we've been doing some intensive gardening. We basically cleared everything out in our garden, except for two trees and a lavender bush. Thys also showed off his power tools and we jack-hammered our existing porch into oblivion. Here is the sort-of-end-result. Please ignore the building rubble, dog turds, half-naked husband and general lack of order. This is still a work in progress.

Everything you see here is new - all the plants, the paving (each block weighs 22kg) and off course the beautiful vegetable boxes - a gift from friends. We are quite happy with the way the space turned out and I think we will have many lazy summer afternoons and evenings here. Once again, we had a lot of help from our friends - they slaved away with us in the sun, stole plants from the complex and brought much-needed beers when we needed it. 

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