Not too long ago, in a Sunnyside apartment, a guy and a girl had breakfast...
We both love breakfast and if we can find the time we love making it together. This happened two weeks ago and I hope to post more about our food making endeavors in the future. I like simple, uncomplicated food and the biggest reward is to use ingredients from your own garden. I'm the world's worst gardener but a friend sowed some rocket in my garden two seasons ago and ever since we have the tastiest, greenest leaves in abundance. The gift that keeps on giving!

The ingredients. Crispy fried bacon, Red peppers, loads and loads of rocket, Italian paninis fried in (wait for it!!) butter. Good old sunny-side-up fried eggs. Yes, this will most probably give you a heart attack after consumption but be sure wash this away with grapefruit juice to restore the balance :-)

The end product - need I say more?

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