The end of an era


I cannot remember exactly when this cute little food / lifestyle shop opened but it was around 2004. For a change, LiBel was a non-franchise shop with good food and lovely decor inspiration. It was situated on a rather busy intersection in Sunnyside: Johnston and Jorissen. I used to spend countless hours there, indulging in Lienkie's amazing chocolate brownies and experimental cooking. This was mainly the place for the girls to talk about matters of the heart and share a few gossips. The sidewalk was filled with wonky, twig furniture, comfortable cushions and colourful, nostalgic tableware.
After we returned from Argentina, LiBel was no more. I hoped maybe it was just a revamp but alas! It seems like this space will now be occupied by a "surgery". 

I sometimes wonder what we are doing wrong in this city. I see many shops and creative individuals with so much potential not making it here. Why has our CBD not gone through urban regeneration like Cape Town, Joburg and Durban? Does the Capital have too much bureaucracy and red tape? Or are we just not trying hard enough?


  1. i agree! what does it take for pretoria to realise that original is king and franchises are last season? why is the mugg and bean so popular but liBel suffers....

    uncool people! its time to experiment, change and support the little guy (with amazing brownies)

  2. Jammer Ons het nie meer gegaan nie. My liefie. Jou photo is baie mooi