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So, I'm doing this from Cape Town International Airport. I find being in transit is on the one hand frustrating, irritating, stressful; on the other hand (if everything goes well) very nice. I find a certain solitude in being anonymous and doing the waiting-thing just like everybody else.
What have I done here? I've been to the Design Indaba. Yes, the most amazing event every year for really ANYONE, whether you're an architect, accountant, dressmaker, mother, teacher, cook, fashionista. I came to this event completely drained of all creative energy and once again came back totally inspired. There were so many amazing speakers but the two speakers who made a profound impact were Michael Wolff and Francis Kere. I cannot describe to you the way in which both of them spoke to the world and touched the heart of hearts in every designer. I was truly humbled to see these great, great individuals.
A few other thoughts on this week:
  1. Our city can learn so much from Cape Town. Yes, it is not at all a perfect, but there are a few things in place such as recycling bins all over, pedestrian-friendly intersections, bicycle lanes (YAY!!), community security and an awesome, cheap shuttle service from the airport.
  2. People who are really really good at what they do are the most humble. I think all young designers can learn from that.
  3. Pretoria is so ready for inspiration, change and some good design. A few ideas / events / things are coming this way!! 
  4. The Old Biscuit Mill Market is amazing! Will post some photo's when I'm back.
  5. In the meantime, a water pipe in my house decided to burst (why do these things always happen at the worst possible times??). So I'm getting mentally ready for a good Sunday afternoon clean-up.
  6. If I don't get off this computer now and on the plane, I might have to stay here!!

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