My mom is a very good seamstress. It was only appropriate that when I graduated, I got a sewing machine from her (incase this architecture thing didn't work out, you know). I'm not that good at sewing - I lack patience and I give up halfway through projects. But once in a while (like in once a year) I dust off the trusty machine and I make something. And I don't understand why I don't do this more often because it's really rewarding. This week (between feeds and burps and battles to sleep) I made two cushion covers for a friend. Off course I also had to photograph it, since the colours and details were so pretty.


  1. The colours and details are indeed very pretty. What is the story of the fold-out container with the threads etc? It looks like a piece that has an interesting history.

    1. Hi Korien, thanks for your comment. My mom gave me the fold-out container about 10 years ago. It was her sewing-kit storage until it became too small for all her tools...