Boeremark. Revisited.


Previous post and introduction to the Boeremark here.
A few thoughts to add:

- Go early. Be there before the hipsters even think of waking up, that is between 05:30 and 06:00.

- Ladies, you do not need to wear make-up or do your hair. If you happen to meet Mr Perfect at the market he will love you for the hardcore woman you are and not for what you look like...

- Go after it rained. Wear good old-fashioned gum-boots. Your Hunters will definitely be a muddy mess and they will actually be very uncool in this environment.
- Bring your poochies. They will love it and you will get lots of attention.
- Strap the baby in a carrier - the terrain is quite rough and a pram will not suffice.
- Be friendly. Greet the people. Laugh at their jokes. Taste their produce.
- For more information and directions, click here.

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