Thys' birthday celebration


For Thys' 30th birthday celebration the one thing we knew is that we wanted to keep it local. Really local. As in Sunnyside local. A few things crossed our minds like a street party in El Sol (wich would've not gone down well with the Body Corporate and trustees), a picnic in the dog park or a few drinks at the Bowling club. Then a colleague told me about this guy who does home-made pizzas in his wood-fired oven on Fridays. I called him and the rest is history...
Let me introduce you to the Sourdough Bread Man, Peter Savage. This might be one of Pretoria's best kept secrets. I am weary to provide too much information because the next thing we know there will be a bunch of hipsters crowding up their backyard. But it's too good to keep for myself and the locals who know about it. Pete has a little team (obviously including his wife) who helps him on Fridays and let me tell you: The food is delicious and the vibe is great. You almost become part of the making process - everything happend around the Wood-fired oven. We hired a keg from Drayman's, a local brewery and everyone joined in for a sip, even the other patrons whom we didn't even know. I'd like to think that the evening was a great success. And we will be back for more pizza and sourdough.
As for the Birthday Boy - I hope you had a great time, liefie. I love your other-wiseness, your patience, perseverance and special ways. Hope there will be many more of these.
If you want to experience some decent Sunnyside vibes and great food, please email Peter to find out when he will host another Pizza evening:
Their address is 131 Melville Street, Sunnyside.


  1. I've known Pete Savage and his wonderful bread making for many, many years. In fact, the first time he baked bread for me, was in the mid 70's, on a fire on a beach, the dough wrapped around sticks. So I agree wholeheartedly with your observations and would like to add that along with his unique style, comes a belief in always using only the most natural and fresh ingredients, nothing false. So you get the best of all worlds. I only wish we lived near enough to sample that bread again. Thanks for reminding me!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment - I completely agree with the authenticity.

  2. Hi Riette, ek het vir Peter gemail om uit te vind oor die volgende pizza aand maar die mail wou nie deurgaan nie. Is daar dalk 'n ander manier om hom te kontak? Lyk of dit so 'n fun dag was, baie dankie vir jou blog, ek geniet dit so baie!