Arcadian Shepherd


The title refers to a cider made by the guys from Voer, the logo inspired by mug-shots of victorian prostitutes. There are many prostitutes in Arcadia. Enough said about that topic. We attended a Shebeen day yesterday, hosted by A and J. It was fun. I consumed many many of A's homemade delicacies and some amazing ginger- and pineapple beer. Thys had a go at the homemade Indian pale ale and cider. What a fun afternoon. We once again met so many interesting folks, all with an intense love for the inner city and home-made goodness.
Translation: "The beer is in the bath"
This was the giant, communal bill. You just had to write everything down you consumed and settle at the end of the afternoon. A's little brother actually thought this was a review-board and he put smiley faces next to the things he likes and unhappy faces next to the one thing he didn't...the honesty of eleven-year-olds!

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  1. Mmmm, pretzels! Love the communal bill idea, but could lead to people cheating their bill. And the little guy, hahaha, so funny!