Kitchen Casualties #3


We have a new kitchen. And I'm loving it! After approximately two months of camping out upstairs we can finally cook a decent meal for ourselves and utilise the bottom floor. This was definitely not an easy journey but the husband did an amazing job in keeping everything (including myself) together.
The new space is truly amazing and I feel like I'm living in a different house. It is not finished, though. We still need to put on some cupboard doors, get a dishwasher (when we're financially recovered) and the shower (which will be a different post entirely) needs a glass partition.
Here are some photo's which will give you a flavour of the new space. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


  1. My socks are blown off!! LOVE IT! What did you use for the kitchen tops?

  2. stainless steel baby, stainless steel.

  3. Ag dit is SUPER mooi!! Kyk hoe awesome is die baksteenmuur!

    Baie geluk julle, sjoe dis harde werk om so ver te kom well done!

  4. Ag dankie Elonah! Waardeer jou komplimente.