Kitchen Casualties #2


An update of the building work downstairs. At this stage I'm wondering whether we are really stupid or really brave. Things have been going fairly well so far - a part of the bedroom is still the kitchen and I swear at night I can taste the dust but there were not major mishaps (so far). So here's the evidence of the progress. I guess we will be finished in another two weeks' time.

 We had a bit of a packing party...
We acquired the right tools and materials. We also sealed off the first floor - this helps a lot with dust management.
There were extensive and creative site instructions...
There has also been a bit of demolition work - this is where our kitchen once was.
A new wall - changing the nature of the space and defining the new kitchen.
This is how we cook - we are literally using our camping gear at this stage. The work area is a folded ladder with the chopping block as a surface.
Another view of the "kitchen" in the bedroom.
Meet the electricians: July (Left) and Colin, his assistant. They worked a twelve-hour day yesterday. Respect.
Meet the builders - Whitey (far right) and his team. They will be on site for another week or so - until the finishes trades (tiling and painting) move in.

Hope this gives you more of an idea of what we've been up to this month.


  1. Respect. So 'n bouery is 'n mission. Ek hou wel van jul kombuis setup :-)

    1. Dankie! Na amper 'n maand is dit minder pret maar ons het darem nog nie mekaar se koppe afgebyt nie. As jy nog teen einde Augustus in die land is, sal ons jou en J oornooi vir 'n celebratory dinner.

  2. Ha! Dit sal fabulous wees. Ons is definitief dan nog in die land - als neem veel langer as wat ons gedink het dit sal :-(