Literally translated: Fat Cake. For the non South-African friends, it is bread dough deep-fried and then filled with savoury mince, cheese, honey, chicken mayo, curry or anything else you fancy. Yes, it is quite heavy on the kilojoule counter but a good vetkoek once every winter will only make your hungry tummy smile.
The method is easy. Get in the car, go to your nearest Spar and ask for some Vetkoek-dough. Knead, let it rise, knead down again and break fist-size pieces off and let them rest a while on a well-oiled surface. Deep-fry in medium-heat oil until golden brown and crispy and stuff it well with your favourite filling. Remember to make extra for the next morning.
Our Fuchsware stove, Old Faithful, is on her last legs. With only two plates (and no oven) left, our menu choices are becoming limited...
Remember to oil dem hands quite well.
While you wait for the dough to rest, it is a good idea to get the filling going. Do not forget the Mrs Balls to flavour the mince.
Mmmmmm...golden brown gluttonous goodness.

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