Jux of the Bushveld


In the words of Jux:
My owners took me along with them the past three weeks - everywhere they went. Maybe because I was crying a lot - I was lonely, okay. Having a sister in hospital is really really difficult - nobody to bark at, nobody to chase around the house, nobody to dig holes with, nobody to chase cats with, nobody to cuddle up against and nobody whose food I can steal.
So they took me on this great trip to the Bushveld where I could run around, sniff all sorts of new things, jump through the high grass (to be honest, I didn't like the grass that much) and ride on the back of the bakkie like a real farm dog (okay, it was only for 30 metres and then I got scared). One thing that I really didn't like was the small thorns getting stuck between my toes...Ouch!
There were these strange animals - they were very interesting and I liked the way they smell. The also had funny sharp things growing from their heads. I wonder if their ears are also only ornamental? I did not get very close, though - you never know if they will bark or bite.
All photos taken by my husband.


  1. Ah Jux, conquering the great outdoors one grass blade wedgy at a time!

    1. Bahahaha Fran. Thanks for all your comments.