Film is awesome


Yes it is. I have a Canon EOS 50E film camera. It is steady and bulky and I use it too little. I took some film to the lab this week and I realized again that we under-appreciate this dying artform and getting film is becoming increasingly difficult. We are too spoiled with the preview window on our digital cameras and we snap thousands of meaningless photos - just because we can.
With film it is different. I feel more like a photographer when I shoot with it. I carefully consider composition, light and texture. The Canon and the film never fails to amaze me. Together, they are so forgiving and produce incredible results.

The last two photos have actually been on this roll of film for 2 and a half years. It was taken in the Karoo. I remember that day so well. The magic of the weather and the light...must say that these two are my new favourites.

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  1. I agree - the last two images are awesome - love them! I think I have the same Canon camera bought in my college days when I first started my design course. I really should pick it up again! Thanks for the inspiration! x.