Coal mines, Silos and Power stations


These are the landscapes I grew up with. I'm often the subject of jokes and I do a fair amount of joking myself because of where I come from. A girl from a mining town. Only 120 kilometers away from her current home, only an hour's drive - yet some days it feels like an entire lifetime away.

We visited my parents (still living in that town) yesterday and had a lovely lunch at a nursery, saw the brothers and their girlfriends, looked at wedding photos (again), had some tough and deep conversations.

As we left we decided to take the long way home - through some smaller mining towns, with breathtaking landscapes - yellow corn fields, the rugged and utilitarian aesthetic of mining equipment, the strong primary forms of silos, the way in which the Highveld grass moves when the wind blows across the planes, the bright blue of the sky as winter is starting to settle in.

It never fails to give me a lump in my throat, these landscapes I grew up with.

All pics were taken with the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone.

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  1. Sjoe, dit lyk soos n hele ander era. Ai MM(a)E. Jou blog is so mooi...