A day on the coals


On Wednesday we were fortunate enough to have a public holiday. So we set this challenge out for us and our friends, Francois and Anneke: An entire day of food cooked on the fire. Very South African.
We made jaffles for breakfast and then we cooked the most amazing Tarzan Roast for dinner. We used the recipe from Justin Bonello's book, Cooked in Africa. It was such a laid-back day and the leg of lamb was cooked to perfection.
Here is the evidence of our journey.

You can get the recipe here.

The waiting game...

Well, if that is not satisfaction then I honestly don't know...


  1. Ah. I'm so glad I stopped by here. Enjoyed perusing your sights and scenes immensely.

    Already looking forward to my next visit.


    1. Thank you so much Casey. Appreciate your compliment! Come back soon :-)