Sketchbook Tours


On Saturday, 18 February, we had the most amazing first Sketchbook Tour. It is presented by Christo Harvey and Nicolene Louw. The itinerary is amazing - we met the morning at their studio for a short introduction and then headed off to Church square in a beautiful 1972-VW bus (incidentally the same one we used as a wedding car). We spent a few hours sketching, chatting to the locals and having a picnic. Then we went to the CBC Old Boys Bowling club where we sketched the bowlers in action. It was such a memorable day and everyone's sketches came out so nice in the end.
It made me realize again how important a sketchbook or visual diary is in any designer's thought process.
Here are some snippets of the day:

 Nicolene Louw shared some valuable tips as well as some of her amazing sketchbooks with us. 

There were some animated discussions afterwards and I know that every participant came back inspired. I love this page of graphic design graduate, Caroline Joubert. It made me think that Saturday made a change in all of us. 

Visit the Platform on 18th site to see when the next Sketchbook Tour will take place. And book yourself a spot - you will not regret it.


  1. whena!!!! riette en mr.t is net te cool!!!baie exiting stuff, my plek is geboek, my moleskins gaar al heeltemal al te lank stof op, baie lekker se ek r, keep it up

  2. That's so interesting! Must be such an inspiring and refreshing outing too! I've always envisioned myself walking through the city or sitting by the beach with my sketchbook, but have never actually done so since my uni days. I always end up being over particular of how my sketches turn out! Which is probably why I end up turning to my cameras instead...

  3. What an amazing idea! I wish Columbus, Ohio had something like this. Maybe I'll start one :)