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Her name is Candy Chang. She does profound work. When I look at it, I can see our city having everything she has to offer. According to her website she "likes to make cities more comfortable for people. She’s passionate about exploring ways we can share information in public space to improve our neighborhoods and our personal well-being. Her background in street art, design, and urban planning have informed many of her projects, which redefine the ways our public spaces can be used to incite dialogue and engage citizens with their cities and with each other."

Look at these images below. They do speak for themselves, but I think South African cities, particularly Pretoria, need this sort of interaction desperately. We are too scared to get out there and engage, we live in our security villages and cars and we isolate ourselves from the dirt, poverty and crime.

I particularly like the next set. You can by these stickers from her online shop and stick them on old shopfronts or basically any urban space in need of remedy. In this way, you get the public to voice their opinion and maybe, just maybe, the bureaucrats and red-tapers will take public opinion seriously.

Lastly, this project hit home big time. I wonder how many of us know our neighbours. These cute door hangers say that you are actually available for a quick hello and that you care about your micro-environment. You can download the pdf files of side 1 and side 2 from her website as well.

All images from Candy Chang.


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