The moment has arrived. The Gautrain is up and running and it is bliss! I went to Gallagher Estates today for Decorex and it was so effortless and relaxing. Much, much better than taking a car. I remember about five years ago when I told my students about the Gautrain - how some of them cynically rolled their eyes and thought I was crazy to be this excited about public transport.
This is going to change so much for us - how we do business, how we go to meetings, how we shop, how we use other modes of public transport. Yes, yes - I know it's not going to change the world, but it made my world a little better. 
Here are a few photos from my iPhone. 

I'm not exactly sure why this guy is carrying a golf club...

The Pretoria Station Drop-off-and-go. This is part of a historical structure. Nicely integrated in the use of the new station.

The urban warrior. iPod in ears, Prada shades, suigstokkie in mouth, Urban scarf and a lot of attitude.

Pretoria Station platform.

Pretoria Station.

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