Sunnyside Sunday


I feel human again. Architecture had to take the backseat just for today and we had a normal Sunday: walking the dogs in the neighbourhood, taking photos, making comfort food, sitting in the sun. It was a glorious day with beautiful weather and I have some footage to share of the vibrant, rich neighbourhood we live in.

It all started with the nice light inside our house.

I will never get tired of the modernist aesthetic of the apartment blocks - functional yet beautiful, with very strong horizontal or vertical lines, protruding slabs and the use of clay bricks or the blue mosaic panels that is such a distinctive characteristic of the Pretoria vernacular.

In Sunnyside, you do whatever you can to make ends meet and entrepreneurship is not uncommon in this part of town. I think there must be at least 100 of these beauty salons in Sunnyside. They are open at the oddest hours of the day hand I love walking by, looking at braiding and gossiping taking place. 

A very tired four legged companion....

And at last...signs of spring.

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  1. inspiring to know that you constantly take time to make other people aware of what they are pro'bly missing.... beautiful pictures,r.