On repeat lately...


I am absolutely in love with this music from Bon Iver (pron: "bon e-vair"). The lyrics are heart-wrenching and the sound is just so so beautiful. This is their first album. They released their second album last month and I've honestly not even tried to get hold of it, since I am obsessing over this one for now.

You know how it is when music leaves that lump in your throat.


bike down... down to the downtown
down to the lockdown... boards, nails lie around

I crouch like a crow
contrasting the snow
for the agony, I’d rather know
cause blinded I am blindsided

peek in... into the peer in
I’m not really like this... I’m probably plight-less

I cup the window
I’m crippled and slow
for the agony
I’d rather know
cause blinded I am blindsided

would you really rush out for me now?

taught line... down to the shoreline
the end of a blood line... the moon is a cold light

there’s a pull to the flow
my feet melt the snow
for the irony, I’d rather know
cause blinded I was blindsided

cause blinded I was blindsided

cause blinded I was blindsided


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