Fat Camp


Jux and Schnuki will be going to Hotel Basson today. For one entire month. This is a lovely place I called home for 18 years of my life. It's also dog heaven. They get to sleep on the beds (an absolute no-no in their current home), couches or any soft horizontal surface for that matter. They are patted, stroked, talked to and played with the entire freekin' day. They get to eat their favourite human food to such an extend that I think they order from a menu.

But here's the thing: While Schnuki gains weight (my mom makes sure this skanky dog gets fed at least twice the amount than the others), Jux (the fat one, maybe a bit obese) loses weight. Hence the title of today's blog. She runs around with her best friend Nala the Great Dane and tries to flirt with Scruffy and Stoffel as a pastime.

When we come back from holiday we are usually ignored because they've been in heaven and how dare we take them away from this heavenly environment?

I'm a bit sad to see the two poochies go, but I know they will be spoiled in a way some humans can't imagine to be treated.

Jux on the left, Schnuki on the right. Photo by Riette Basson.

Jux. Photo by Thys Kotze

Hello, my name is Jux. I am two years old and I am a Dapple Dachshund. I love to lick everything in sight, especially freshly showered human feet. My name is short for "Juxtaposition" because my owners are fancy architects but I really don't care since food (and licks) is all that matters to me. I like to flirt with male dogs, especially Alfonso the Italian Greyhound.

Schnuki. Photo by Thys Kotze

Hello, my name is Schnuki. I am four years old and I am the Alpha Dog. I love playing catch (this is an understatement, I am totally obsessed) and I'm really not scared of anything, especially not dogs three times my size. I don't like small humans, they are just funny looking and they make me nervous. I also like to chase anything that moves and then dig holes in my owner's lovely garden because all things that move disappears into the ground, especially under nice blooming flowers.

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