The Visit


There was a Mother's morning at Finn's school this week. It was both beautiful and heartbreaking. We sang with them, played with them, painted and had a music class - all of which was pretty spontaneous (chaotic is such a strong word...).
The hardest part was leaving mid morning. Finn's entire class turned into one sobbing mess - ALL of them were in tears.



Then it was April. Autumn in Pretoria. Soft light, cool mornings, earlier sunsets. On weekends we recuperate - during the week we work until late at night. This is how it is right now, and we make what we can of it. Finn teaches us many lessons about the world. He is the mirror in which we see so much and yet so little of ourselves.

...and then you were two.


Dearest little boy,
Where has this year gone? Can it really be your second birthday? You are becoming so much more than what we ever could hope for. You are so intelligent, soft, lively and sweet. We love it that you can say a few words now. You have been the anchor of this little family the past year - you made everything worthwhile, every single day.
Happy birthday, you amazing human. We love you.

Respek...en eiers


I love the wordplay of this tiny coffee shop in the Moot. They opened on 1 December this year. The interior is strikingly simple and I don't think this shop is much bigger than 40 square metres. It is part of a mixed-use centre (Moulton Centre) with small shops below and apartments on the top floors. We had very good cuppachinos and a delicious, moist carrot cake slice.
Please go out, explore and pay your respects - the world needs more sweet little spaces such as this one.

Market on Main Pretoria


Snor City got sexy in June this year when the new Market on Main Pretoria was launched. We went last week to check it out...what an amazing initiative and a great space! The market area is filled with light and the quality of vendors is the same that you would expect at the Jozi version. There is a well-designed outdoor courtyard space with sculptures. This market is also family-friendly with plenty of space for the kids to play and to Finn's enjoyment they also provided scooters (the plastic type for kids).

012central, a City Property initiative, is proud to be involved with the market.  City Property is the driving force behind our Capital's urban renewal programme and has invested in bringing people back to the city. By changing the perception of the CBD with partnerships like Market On Main, they want to facilitate reasons to be in the city and to love the city centre again.

DATE: Every Saturday
TIME: 10:00-15:00
VENUE: 012central, 385 Helen Joseph Street, Pretoria Central
PARKING: State Theatre or 216 Sisulu St (cnr Sisulu & Helen Joseph - take the first parking entrance and go up to the second parking level)

ENTRANCE: R 20 per person

Night out


The kind people from the Protea Fire & Ice! Hotel in Menlyn treated us last weekend on a night out. And by treated I mean like royalty - complete with dinner and breakfast the following morning. We were transported into a totally different world, one we as parents are definitely not used to anymore. The place was clad with well dressed trend-setters and it seemed like the who's who from the social scene in Pretoria were there.

We had sun-downers on the deck and watched the autumn sun turning the city into a purple-pink-orange haze. We then had a spectacular dinner - The Husband had a lamb shank and I had the Norwegian salmon on wasabi mashed potatoes. I then absolutely HAD to have their Oreo milkshake, which I couldn't finish. With almost bursting bellies we headed to our room and crashed on our bed. Needless to say there was white linen, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this review...

The personal touch was really something. The manager wrote us a welcoming note and left snacks for us in our room, which we totally devoured within 5 seconds of arrival.  

What impressed me most of all was the staff. From the moment you set foot into the lobby, there were friendly, helpful people all around. This is Zama. She makes perfect eggs for breakfast.

We really appreciate the invitation to spend the night and the hospitality of the team (as well as our kind neighbour Lize who offered to babysit Finn). 

Sixteen months


Then there was a small holiday at the coast. You loved it so much, little dark-haired boy.